The University of Lleida Foundation is a non-profit organisation which, following the University’s will, aims to achieve objectives of general interest that will benefit both the university community and society.

The objectives of general interest of the Foundation are twofold: the promotion of relations between the University of Lleida and the socio-economic and cultural environment, which encourage scientific, humanistic and technical research; and technical innovation in relation with enterprises and society development.


The administration, management or representation of the Foundation corresponds to the following governing bodies:

  • Board of Trustees
  • Management Board


  • Jaume Puy i Llorens, President
  • Delfí Robinat Català, Vicepresident
  • Dolors Toldrà Roca, Secretary
  • Jordi Albareda Cañadell
  • Ferran Badia Pascual
  • Guillem Boira Herreros
  • Maria Pau Cornadó Teixidó
  • Carmen Gallart Masobé
  • Enric Herrero Perpiñán
  • Olga Martín Belloso
  • Josep Maria Orteu Barrabes
  • Ramon Roca Enrich
  • Ramon Saladrigues Solé
  • Josep Maria Sentís Suñé
  • Domènec Vila Navarra


  • Mercè Balcells Fluvià